1. You ever have that second where you realize you and a person could just never be really good friends?

  2. Pretty much how my morning went.

  3. Oh, how punny.


  4. Uploaded this because I know how much you all love to make fun of me.

  5. I am constantly referencing this episode in my daily life. Some people get it, some people don’t.

  6. My best friend, Ryan and I play Mario Kart on the Wii all the time, and I am bleeping pissed that it doesn’t have the balloon option like it does on GameCube. WTF Wii?!

    You broke my heart.

    (Also, can I be this for Halloween with a shit ton of friends? PUH-

  7. Stumped on what to get your significant other for Valentine’s day? YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

  8. Are you single? Do you need something to do for Valentine’s Day? Are you holding onto a tiny shred of hope because you’re all alone?

  9. Pretty much how I feel when someone tells me they’re “a cat person” ie, all of Portland.

  10. Just a little positive nugget for you sweets on this here MLK Jr holiday. Because well, I completely adore your beautiful internet fa-shay.